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This web page is very plain because we believe humans enjoy Simplicity, Stability and Speed. In the current world it is difficult to find those three terms in computing systems. There are layers upon layers of complexity applied to systems to create the illusion of a 3S relationship. The problem is, as those layers of technology are applied all three suffer. So, why do technology companies just keep adding more? Simple: They think and hope that you will never discover what you really need or that what you are being sold is much more for their profit than for your benefit. There are multiple terms to describe what is going on. Many colloqual term exist to describe what is going on. But, regardless of the name you give it, the results are more expense, less stablility, more complexity. All the unneeded "benefits" make your whole operation more difficult to maintain which ends up increasing the expenses for your business. They bait you with pretty screens and fancy looking "windows". In reality, what are they selling? They are selling nothing but bows and ribbons. I know. I did it for 35 years. I cannot do it anymore.

Today, I.T. is everywhere! Information Technology. It is described by some as a never ending sea of wires that we are trapped within. It would be nice to escape but you are told "Resistance is futile!" It is as if technology companies do not know (or do not want to know) how to stop recommending ever more complex and dollar hungry hardware and software for you to buy. More cost. Less reliability. ...and less performance than you expect or were promised.

If you were told that all this complexity (and cost) was not necessary, would you believe it? you were told that most of the money you now spend on repairs and upgrades could be avoided, would you call me crazy? How far ahead would your office be if you could avoid the constant repairs, downtime, training, frustration and much of the initial costs to set up your network and to maintain it? There are many questions and even more answers.

Here's the thing: You have been financing a "tech-head" binge. They believe in what they're selling. It works great. But, ask them for something simple or something low cost or even free and they'll stutter and stammer and leave you with no answers. These companies are everywhere. There are subscriptions fees. There are hardware upgrade costs. There are licensing restrictions and fees. On and on and on. Are you tired of it yet?

We are!

We believe that you will be far ahead if you avoid much of the future technology that they say you "must have". We believe this "must have" is describing what they "must have" which in the end is more of your money.

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